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Heather L.
Incentives and Funding

Heather enjoys making customers more comfortable while saving energy and money. She helps guide customers through the New Jersey Clean Energy Program application process and scheduling their projects. Heather brings 16 years of legal experience to the Allied team and enjoys gardening, horseback riding, and playing volleyball.

Bryan P.
Area Marketing Representative

Bryan enjoys working with a great team of people and the opportunity to learn. He believes in being a great first point of contact for customers.

Gina G.
Marketing Coordinator

Gina enjoys working with an eclectic group of people that do everything properly without taking shortcuts and making marketing materials for Allied. She recently earned a bachelor's degree in digital photography, is a certified web specialist, and has 13 years of experience in information technology field. Gina enjoys gardening, watching horror movies, and hiking with her dog.

Sean H.
Building Analyst

Sean enjoys the professional environment at Allied and our way of conducting business. He ran his own business for 16 years doing courtroom exhibits for attorneys, holds a bachelor's degree in construction management, and is a Building Performance Institute-certified professional.

Dean B.
Engineering and Design

Dean takes pride in working for Allied because we are making a difference. Previously, Dean served in the army and was a maintenance manager for two properties. His hobbies include being a volunteer firefighter and spending time with family and friends.

Donna R.
Human Resources

Donna enjoys learning about home performance and assisting Allied employees with human resources matters. She is a mother and enjoys biking.

Pat M.
Building Analyst

Pat likes working in an exciting and productive work environment that gives him the ability to help others. He is a Building Performance Institute-certified Building Analyst and he enjoys being a father and going kayaking.

Jose D.
Weatherization Manager

Juan likes finding solutions to everyday home performance issues and seeing entry-level technicians grow in their careers. He has 12 years of industry experience and has helped build two companies from the ground up. Jose likes sports, music, and spending time with his family.

Nick R.
Building Analyst

Nick enjoys helping people save money on their energy costs and working with a great group of people. He has a sales background and a bachelor's degree in political science. Nick's hobbies include fishing, playing music, and playing video games.

Lisa P.
Administrative Assistant

Lisa enjoys the friendly atmosphere at Allied and helping to satisfy customers. She has over 10 years of experience in human resources and bookkeeping. Lisa enjoys gardening and having fun.


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