The information on this page is for education purposes only and we currently do not offer residential solar to our customers.

Although we don’t offer solar as one of our services, we realize that many homeowners want to learn more about going solar and why it may be a good option for them. We want you to understand how solar works and what steps may be necessary to take before installing a solar system in your New Jersey home.

Why Should I Consider Going Solar?

Solar electricity or photovoltaics (PV) have become very popular in recent years. The price of solar electricity has plummeted, making it a wise financial investment. Meanwhile, solar equipment has advanced, boosting solar system efficiency and sophistication.

Solar panels have proven to be highly reliable, and can completely or virtually eliminate household electric bills. A solar system can allow you to take control of your power bills and have greater energy independence.

Sell Electricity to the Power Company

Most New Jersey electric utility companies offer net metering and will compensate solar system owners for supplying surplus solar electricity to the power grid. This would allow you to sell the electricity your home produces back to the power company -- and receive a credit on your bills!

Solar Incentives Reduce Your Solar Costs

There is a generous federal tax credit that allows you to receive 30% of the cost of your system back on your tax refund. Qualified expenses include the solar panels, equipment, and installation. Tax credits are a dollar-for-dollar reduction in income taxes owed and are therefore more valuable to the taxpayer than a tax write-off. New Jersey and Delaware also have rebate programs that further decrease the cost of a solar energy system.

Get Prepared for Solar with Allied Energy Efficiency Experts

The cheapest and greenest energy is the energy you don’t use. In the quest to upgrade your home’s efficiency and use renewables, like solar, we suggest first starting with reducing the energy it needs to run. This allows your future solar system to produce a larger total percentage of your household electricity, meaning you might entirely eliminate your bill or even start earning money.

Start with a Home Energy Assessment

In order to make your home more energy efficient, you should begin with a home energy assessment. This thorough examination of your home will produce unique recommendations on areas that are wasting energy.

So although you might want to install solar, you might actually have a higher return on investment with solutions like air sealing or insulation first. Once your home is energy efficient, and your energy usage drops, solar may be the next step. Otherwise, you will end up investing too much money on installing an oversized solar system that still wouldn’t make much of a dent in your home’s bills.

If you’re thinking about going solar, first make your home more energy efficient. Contact us or call (856) 528-2822 today to schedule a home energy assessment.

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