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Proper HVAC system maintenance is an essential aspect of home maintenance. Many homeowners overlook its importance in regards to indoor air quality, heating and cooling system durability, home comfort, and energy.

Our team has you covered! Allied Energy Efficiency Experts offers an affordable heating and cooling maintenance program that includes both a fall furnace and a spring air conditioning checkup for homeowners throughout New Jersey and New Castle County, Delaware.

Keep Your HVAC System Running at Peak Performance

One of the best ways to ensure your heating and cooling system is performing to its potential is with an annual furnace tune-up, safety check, and cleaning. Allied's skilled technicians keep HVAC systems operating at their full potential, helping to prevent future repairs while boosting indoor air quality and energy efficiency. Because home safety is our highest priority, we inspect your furnace for gas leaks and measure carbon monoxide levels for healthy indoor air quality. Download the PDF to find out what exactly happens when an Allied profressional technician comes to tune up your unit!

Why Choose Allied's HVAC Maintenance Plan?

Save money and extend the life of your equipment by keeping it operating at peak efficiency. When, for example, airflow is restricted within your heating and cooling system, it works harder to compensate. This causes extra wear and tear on the system while boosting energy use and degrading indoor air quality. Allied technicians can solve these issues with proper cleaning and maintenance of your heating cooling system.

From Cherry Hill to Manahawkin and beyond, our scheduled furnace and AC maintenance program helps your system to be more reliable by keeping it operating at peak performance. Proper heating and cooling maintenance and repair by honest and skilled technicians is essential for preventing bigger issues in the future.

If an emergency service issue arises, program participants receive a discount on parts and labor for repairs and other energy efficiency upgrades.

Allied's Service Plan Includes

  • Cleaning and adjusting the burner assembly
  • Checking the evaporator coil
  • Checking the bearings
  • Lubricating all moving parts
  • Measuring voltage/amps on motors
  • Testing starting capabilities
  • Checking safety controls
  • Inspecting air duct systems
  • Checking blower assembly
  • Cleaning condensate drain
  • Cleaning condenser coil
  • Measuring sub cool temperature
  • Monitoring refrigerant pressure
  • Adjusting thermostat calibration
  • Documenting deficiencies

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