Does your home have uneven temperatures, cold floors, drafts, or high heating and cooling bills? Air sealing your home can greatly reduce your utility costs and improve home comfort for many years.

Most homes have significant leaks, according to ENERGY STAR®. All the holes, leaks, gaps, and cracks in the average home are equal to leaving one window open throughout the entire year. Just think of how much energy, carbon emissions, and money you could save by sealing up those cracks and holes! Gaps can also create moisture issues, impact indoor air quality, and even degrade home durability.

Seal Energy-Wasting Air Leaks

Allied Energy Efficiency Experts conducts an energy assessment on every home and uses a blower door test to determine airtightness. When we are done air sealing, we run the blower door test again to gauge our progress. From Cherry Hill to Egg Harbor, our energy efficiency teams are skilled in locating and sealing gaps and leaks to prevent home heat loss.

Energy Conservation Tailored to Your Home

For each project, we take a customized approach to home energy savings, using spray foam insulation, caulk, and weatherstripping. Allied is especially diligent to air seal the attic, as this is where many home performance and comfort issues originate. We pull old insulation back to expose gaps and holes, and seal them for a higher-quality finished product.

Our team begins by identifying and mapping out penetrations in your attic that are likely to let energy leak out, including chimneys, vents, and recessed lighting. Allied then seals these areas to stop air leakage, ensures that bathroom exhaust fans properly vent to the outside to prevent moisture issues in the attic, adds baffles for proper airflow when necessary, and pins and seals chimney flashing.

Air Sealing Combined With Insulation

Air sealing is a necessary step to prepare a home for insulation. Air sealing helps protect the insulation and prevent air leaks, which can degrade the performance of insulation over time. Energy efficient insulation and air sealing work well together to keep heating and cooling bills low.

Air sealing is the top choice for increasing home energy efficiency and has the lowest upfront costs compared to other energy efficiency upgrades. Combined with our high-performance insulation, air sealing is a powerful choice for cutting energy bills and increasing comfort.

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